Preston's Foxy Roxy

Born October 5 th 2005

Retired 2008

This page is all about Roxy and we first brought her home Jaunary 2006 to December 19th 2008 when we thought we would have to put her to sleep due to a ruptured disc in her back that left her unable to walk to now April 2009 that we are so glad we still have her for many years to come. I will be writing about her journey with us and how she became one of our beloved family member's and with lots of pictures from the day she arrived to now.

Roxy about 9 month's old.

Stan & Roxy she love's her daddy!.

Cowgirl Roxy!

Trixie & Roxy at Pismo Beach 2007

Roxy,Trixie and Millie playing.Roxy was a great mother she had one litter of four before we had to spay her April 2009 due her back injury .

Roxy in our front yard spring 2008

Roxy & Trixie Halloween 2007

Roxy Hollaween 2007

December 17, 2008 2 days before she ruptured a disc in her back.

Roxy's a Grandma and a good one at that she was helping Trixie her daughter taking care of the puppies.