I'm not a Pug.

I'm not a Boston Terrier.

I'm a French Bulldog!

Yes,I snorts & snores!

Yes,I have a large head,

the biggest smile,

big bat ears,

big muscles,


a big loving heart

to match!

All OUR FrenchBull Dogs & Puppies

are seen regularly by DR. Micheal Keese .DVM.

at Bakersfield Veterinary 

Small Animal Hospital is located at  8610 Harris Road 

Click the link below to  visit their web site at



Cloud 9 French Bulldogs



New Litter Coming 6/2021

  My Husband and I are a Small Breeder in Southern California of the French Bulldog. We raise our Frenchie's kennel free and indoors with their own bedroom. We Have only 1 to 2  litter's a year and only breed our females once a year to bring you Happy Healthy Puppies. We Breed for Conformation and Temperament an A+. If you never owned a French Bulldog please do some research before purchasing one, their like 3 year old's  and they never grow up and some day's it can seem like you have a three ring circus in you home, But they make our family very happy we wouldn't know what to do if we didn't have them around, Life would be really boring. I hope you enjoy our website and if you decide to purchase a French Bulldog I hope they give you as much enjoyment as they have given us.