Family & Fun

Dottie doing what she does best!

Bella using Dottie as a foot stool.

Trixie and Dottie meeting Bella for the first time.

Dottie chew on her bone and taking after her mother!

Bella and Stan first day home 6/5/2011

Bentley summer 2010

Stan & I at Nate's house roping 9/12/2010.

Millie April 2010

And who said I couldnt run again!

Roxy chillen April 2010

Bentley April 2010

Trixie,Bentley & Millie

French Kisses!

Did you say make funny faces!

2010 Bentley & Millie

Trixie, Bentley & Millie playing outside on a very nice 80" degree temp in March 2010.

Millie & Bentley March 2010.

Millie decieded to shake off in this picture.

Bentley March 2010

Christmas 2009

Lucy ,Roxy & Loudon

These are Roxys Grandbabies they are staying with us for 10 days while thier parents where gone for Christmas.

Lucy,Trixie & Loudon

Christmas 2009 Trixie with her babies.

Trixie is an Elf!

Roxy, Millie and Trixie Christmas 2009.


Roxy and Trixie playing together with their bone.

Austin and Buddy 2009.

Roxy Christmas 2008

Stan roping 2007.

Mechelle with Trixie & Stan with Roxy

2007 Pismo Beach ,CA

Casey and I with Trixie & Roxy at Pismo Beach,CA 2007 

Lacey and I at the fair 2007 doing womens ranch roping.

Happy Halloween 2007

Roxy a Lady Bug & Trixie a Black Widow Spider

Roxy relaxing in the backyard with all the dogs.



Millie Mae & Trixie Sping of 2008

 Trixie & Mommy Roxy at Pismo Beach ,CA 2007


Roxy & Trixie Chewing on a Bone

Millie Mae at 13 weeks old what a cutie.

Millie and Taz.

Millie looks like a mad cat & Taz is having fun with his chew toy.

Dog pile!!!!!!!


Two french kisses is better than one!!! 

Roxy as a cowgirl she's soooo cute!!!!

Stan & Roxy she loves her daddy!

Roxy at 9 months old.